Laboratory for Advanced Research into Telecommunication Systems
Laboratory for Advanced Research into Telecommunication Systems
UniversitÓ degli Studi Mediterranea
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About ARTS

About ARTS The primary research emphasis of the Telecommunication Research Group at ARTS is on the design, modeling, and performance evaluation of Advanced Communications Systems. Our research interests cover a wide range of networks, including broadband access networks, hybrid mobile wireless networks, with both ad-hoc and infrastructured topologies, and satellite networks.

The main research topics are related to architectures and protocols for radio resource and mobility management, Quality of Service support, context-aware systems, and location-based applications. Protocols developed by the research group are typically tested through simulation, prototype and/or testbed implementation.

Many application fields are targeted by our labs: e-health and telemedicine, e-commerce, e-learning, Intelligent Transportation Systems are only a few of potential applications. The research group is involved in carrying out both academic and industrial research, and actively participate in national and international research projects.

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